Tuesday, December 04, 2007

old-fashioned remedies

I just heard on the news that they actually did a scientific study that proved that honey soothes children's coughs better than cough medicine. Oh, the amazing advances of modern science!

My mother used to give me a special, wonderfully-tasting spoonful of something warm and sweet when I had a sore throat. I know it wasn't just honey, it wasn't as thick in consistency. She heated it up, but she mixed it with something, too. Sounds like she was on the right track.

My favorite cough drops when I was a kid were honey-flavored.

Honey is mentioned in the Bible and other ancient literature. As early as the story of the migration of the family of Israel to Egypt -- they send a gift, including honey from their native land, to appease those they were hoping could give them some food. Later, when the Israelites went back to the Promised Land, they described it as a "land flowing with milk and honey."

I guess we've always known of the value of honey. Apparently, modern Science has finally acknowledged this fact.

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