Wednesday, December 05, 2007

May 2008 will be Movie Month

On May 16th, we will travel back to Narnia and meet Prince Caspian, the second in the series of movies based on the Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis.

Then, one week later, we'll travel back in time to 1957 and accompany Indiana Jones on one last crusade.

We don't go see movies in the theaters very often. Usually it's not worth the price. And when we saw Ratatouille, I left the theater with a big wad of bright yellow bubble gum stuck to the back of my pants. So I'm not sure I'm "into" the movie theater scene anymore. I prefer getting my movies by mail and watching them snuggled up in my bed.

But these movies have long been anticipated. We really enjoyed the first Narnia movie and I have fond memories of the first 3 Indiana Jones movies, long ago in a galaxy far, far away. My kids have only seen them on video (actually, my younger son hasn't seen them at all) and they are very excited about this new one. So we're looking forward to May 2008.

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