Monday, January 28, 2008

Ways to Improve the Presidential Primary system

I don't really like to blog about politics. And this isn't going to get political -- I mean, I'm not gong to endorse a candidate or even a party. Instead, I'm going to suggest ways to improve the system.

What I don't like about what's currently going on is that the news media is constantly speculating about who will win, and each new event brings on more speculation. I think this is unfairly influencing those who haven't voted yet. So here are some ideas I have:

  • Have each state's primary be scheduled on a separate date, at least 3 days apart from any other state's primary. Both parties must have their primary on the same day in each state (unlike South Carolina which had them on separate days). This would ensure each state got the same advantage of time for the candidates to visit them.

  • The results of each primary would be held completely secret until after all of them were over. This big change, if it could be done, would eliminate the speculation on early primary results which constitute such a small percentage of the entire population but which attract so much attention and are given untoward importance.

  • The news media would not be allowed to speculate on how any candidate was doing or which one was likely to win, nor would they be allowed to publish poll data. If they could outlaw polls completely, that would be great. Then we would really vote based on who the candidates were and where they stand on various issues, and not on who we think is likely to win.

Only after all of the primaries have been run would we know the outcome. And during the whole process, the media would have to report on what the candidates said, how they stand on the issues, not on who is first or second or third on a given day, or on how much a few tears changed the poll results.