Saturday, January 19, 2008

ultra-portable PCs

Apple has a new notebook computer, the MacBook Air. It's billed as the world's thinnest computer. I can see how thin is good, but what I really want is small. I have this little old thing called a NEC MobilPro. It syncs with a PC like a PDA, but it's got essentially a full-sized keyboard and a screen that is as wide as the keyboard, but half as tall, so you can see documents in the same width you'd see on a PC screen. The problem with it, it's so old it has no wireless capability and it syncs with a serial cable, so it won't sync to newer computers.

I have a new item on my wish list, now, though. I know it's not as sweet as this new MacBook, but it's also substantially lower in price and it does many of the things I need it to do. It's called the Asus Eee PC. And it even comes in pink!

It is essentially a small PC. It has a small hard drive, but from what I understand it boots very fast. It runs a version of Linux, but it's really easy to use. I would use it to do email and surf the web, mostly. I could lay in bed and read on it, without being uncomfortable like I would be trying to lay in bed with my laptop.

I'm saving up for the 2Gb version, it's only $304!