Tuesday, July 10, 2007

why I hate movie theaters

I am facing a decision for which I don't have a good option.

We want to see the new Harry Potter movie, and I can't decide which theater.

We have a nice little inexpensive theater nearby that we've seen quite a number of movies at. The last time was for Ratatouille. All went well till I went to get up after the movie. I thought the bottom of my shorts were caught on something, till I put my hand down to find out what it was.

It was bubble gum. Bright yellow (I discovered the color later) bubble gum, which had, while I'd been sitting there, been warmed up by my body heat and was stretching between my behind (clothed in my favorite shorts) and the theater seat. I managed to get a glob of it off into my hand, but much of it was still attached to my shorts. I went out and showed it to the woman who was ripping tickets in the lobby.

She couldn't be bothered to lower the cell phone from her ear, though she did indicate she was listening to me. She didn't, however, seem to think the theater owed me anything, even an apology. She grudgingly offered that I might speak to the manager, though she did not offer to point him out to me, and she firmly stated she didn't think he would do anything for me.

I vowed never to set foot in that theater again, despite the low cost compared to the other local theaters.

So, today I made some phone calls, attempting to find out how much one of the mall theaters was going to set me back. I called Regal cinemas, the local number, but was connected with "1-800-FANDANGO" where I was immediately subjected to, of all things, a commercial! After listening to the commercial, I was given options to say movie names or other things. This sort of menuing system where you actually talk gives me the willies. It did offer to let me type in a zip code, but when I did so, "I'm sorry, I didn't get that," so I was forced to talk. It wouldn't tell me individual ticket prices but told me the total price for one adult and one child including all sorts of fees because I was buying over the phone. Unfortunately, my husband made a loud noise in the background just as they said the price and I couldn't get it to go back so I never did get a price, though it wouldn't have been the price I'd have paid if I went there in person anyway.

So, do I go to the horribly commercial theater that even has commercials on its phone line or do I go to the theater with the gum on the seats? If it was just me, I'd wait for the DVD, but my son really wants to see this movie, and it's going to be over 90 again tomorrow, so an afternoon in a cool movie theater sounds great to me. But I'm bringing a flashlight and checking the seats before I sit down.