Friday, November 30, 2007

Random Thoughts about the Internet

This old computer in my kitchen is starting to be a problem. With the last update, Firefox has ceased to function on this computer. You can boot it up and go to a website, and somewhere between loading the first page and about the 10th mouse click you make, it hangs. Stops letting you do anything. Ceases to function. Bummer.

So, I installed Opera. Opera, as I found out when I was looking to help my impatient husband find a browser that would load quickly, has the smallest footprint of any of the most-commonly-used browsers. That means that it requires the least system memory and it loads fast. So I thought it would be a good choice for this old Dell.

And so far, it is, except it doesn't seem to agree with Blogger. Yesterday, I was writing the post about the Nesbit books, and it stopped letting me edit. I just couldn't type. I could save. I could go to another web page. The browser hadn't crashed, it just wouldn't let me type anymore.  Thank goodness for the automatic save feature in Blogger; I had all of what I'd already typed.

So, I tried again this morning. I was able to type the rest of the post. But one of the paragraphs (the one I was in the middle of when it stopped working yesterday) won't wrap around. At first, the words went way, way over there >>>, under the sidebar and continuing on in a strange color against the far right background. I inserted a bunch of force-returns and managed to get that fixed, but the lines are still off. Some places refuse to let me edit them. I put my cursor at the end of the line, hit delete and it deletes the first character on the next line. I move my cursor down to the beginning of the next line and hit backspace and it brings me back up to the previous line, but then when I type there it either moves me back down or types on top of the existing letters, so that what I type replaces text already there.

Hopefully I'll be able to fix it when I have access to another computer.

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