Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Triumph De Farcy

Or, in other words, beans! I selected this variety of bush bean seeds at my local WalMart (where I buy my seeds, due to their low prices, having nothing to do with the quality -- they've always worked for me, anyway).

So, this variety was represented as "bearing very early and heavily." And, it's true, they do. I planted the seeds in late May (20something) and yesterday, the beans were almost big enough to pick. I had to forcibly restrain myself from doing so. Today or tomorrow they will be ready. Maybe I'll take some pictures.

The pole beans have blossoms, though they look like they will still climb higher on my strange arrangement of PVC pipe they have to climb on. Again, I was unable to get my husband to help, so I just grabbed the pipes and arranged them as best I could. If I'm really brave, I might post a photo of that, too, so anyone who actually reads this might laugh at me.

Off to pick beans before it gets too hot!

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mbtrese said...

Melissa, my dear friend, I am a reader -- and I promise I will not laugh at *any* photo you post! :-) Garden Blessings, ~Teresa